Explain Laminar composite with suitable examples properties and application

Subject:- Applied Chemistry 2.

Topic:- Composite Materials

Difficulty:- High

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Laminar composite: It consists of panels or sheets which are two dimensional.

These panels’possess preferred directions to achieve high strength. E.g. Plywood in which wood &continuously aligned fibre reinforced plastics are in preferred directions

Layers are stacked or cemented together in such a way that the orientation of the high strength varies with each successive layer.

Plywood is laminated composite containing thin layers of wood where layers are alternatively glued together.

This type of layering brings grain of each layer at right angles of its neighbouring layer.

Use of fabric material such as cotton, paper or glass fibre dispersed in suitable plastic.

Properties: Properties of composite depend on the properties of its constituents & geometrical design

Generally, composites are strong in both directions of reinforcement.

Low shear strength


  1. Interior in premises
  2. Fall ceiling for diffused lighting.
  3. Furniture making.

    Another example is modern ski complex

a) Stacking of successive oriented fiber reinforced layers

enter image description here

(b) Fabricated laminar composite

enter image description here

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