With the help of schematic diagram explain fractional distillation of petroleum in detail.
1 Answer
Sr. No Name of fraction Boiling Range Composition of hydrocarbon Uses
1 Uncondensed Gases Below 40 degree C C1 toC4 LPG fuel for domestic and industrial purpose.
2 Petroleum ether 40degreeto 70degree C C5 to C7 Fuel for aeroplane helicopter,as solvent
3 Petrol or gasoline 60 to 120 degree C C7 to C10 As solvent, for dry-cleaning
4 Solvent Naphtha, 120 to 180 degree C C7 to C10, As solvent, for dry-cleaning
5 Kerosene 180 to 250 degree C C10 to C16 For illumination,domestic fuel,for oil gas and fuel for jet engine
6 Diesel 250 to 320 degree C C15 to C18 Diesel engine fuel,and generators
7 Heavy oil, (a) Lubricating oil, (b)Vaseline, (c) Grease( d) Wax 320 to 400 degree C C18 to C30, C18 to C20, C20to C22, C22 to C26, C26to C30 For making petrol by cracking ,Lubricating purpose ,Cosmetics,, medicine,ointment,lubricant,Lubricating purpose, Making candles, boot polish & wax paper
8 Residue (a)asphalt, (b) petroleum coke Above 400 degree C Above C30 Road making, water proofing,As fuel, for arc light rod

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