Question: Explain the working of split muff coupling with neat sketch.

Subject: Machine Design -I

Topic: Shaft, Keys and Coupling

Difficulty: Medium

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  • The split muff coupling is also called compression coupling or clamp coupling. It is a rigid type of coupling.
  • In this coupling, the sleeve is made of two halves.
  • The halves of the muff are made of cast iron. One-half of the muff is fixed from below and the other half is placed from above.
  • The two halves of the sleeve are clamped together by means of mild steel studs or bolts and nuts.
  • The number of bolts can be four or eight. They are always in multiples of four.
  • The bolts are placed in recesses formed in the sleeve halves.
  • The advantage of this coupling is that the position of the shafts need not be changed for assembling or disassembling of the coupling.
  • This coupling may be used for heavy duty and moderate speeds. Split muff coupling
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