Modeling Personas and goals of users

It's generally 10 mark question appearing in Mumbai University exam > Human Machine Interaction

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Modeling Users : Persona and Goals

1. System may have many types of users all of them may not be of similar characteristics.

2. The obsevations of the system end users may give some models to represent user behavioural patterns.

3. Persona

a. The above research to create descriptive model of interaction design, we can add some ideas which are also known as personas.

b. This persona may help developer to provide the way user think about system.

c. The user’s behaviour and the way they think will exactly help developer to accomplish the things they want to do with system.

d. Personas are designed by behavioural data gathered from many users from which we capture some percent of information.

e. There are many ways to gather information from users.

f. Personas may help to determine, communicate, build consequences, measure, and contribute the design quality of the product.

g. This may help to fit the product as per user’s level of experience.

h. Personas will help to solve many design specific issues user and corner conditions.

i. Personas are represented as individual people or group uf users

4. Goals

a. The personas will provide contextual information for user behaviours

b. Design goals are basic drivers for such user behaviours.

c. Persona without goal may be an effective tool

d. Goal may serve as a magnifier through which designer may considers the functionality of the product.

E. Goals will motivate the usage pattern to get better results after using the product.

Steps in Constructing Persona

a. Personas can be adopted by various techniques.

b. Steps :

  1. Identify user behavioural patterns.

  2. Arrange interview as per user behaviour.

  3. Recognise user behavioural patterns.

  4. Generate various user characteristics and revelant goals.

  5. Check for completeness of goals.

  6. Explain all attributes and behaviour of user.

  7. Design various persona.

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