Explain in brief the requirements of Body Structural System for a road vehicle.

Subject: Automobile Engineering

Topic: Body Engineering & Chassis

Difficulty: Medium

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Requirements of body structural system for a road vehicles are following -
i) Space availability: There must be adequate space inside the body for the passenger & luggage both.
ii)Stiffness: The car body may be considered a rigid beam which is supported on wheels at each end. The car body must have sufficient to prevent excessive sagging or bending in the middle.
iii) Strength: The body must be strong enough to withstand all tyres of forces to which the car is subjected , which include the weight of car, passengers & luggage inertia & side forces. It should able to cope with impact bads of reasonable magnitude.
iv) Protection against weather: The design of the body must be such that the occupants & luggage are protected from bad weather.
v) Tensional stiffness: The body should be sufficiently rigid to resist twisting movement on rough Soods.

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