Explain the importance of good design?

It's generally 5 mark question appearing in Mumbai University exam > Human Machine Interaction

1 Answer

A well designed interface and screen is important to the users because that’s the window for them to view the capabilities of the system. It is the vehicle through which many critical tasks are presented which has a direct impact on the organizations relation with the customers.

Effects of a bad screen design are:

  1. People will have greater difficulty in doing their job
  2. More prone to mistakes
  3. Chase people away from the system
  4. Lead to aggravation, frustration and stress

Benefits of a good design are:

  1. Screens are less crowded
  2. Would be less time consuming, 25 percent less time
  3. Screen would be 20 percent more productive
  4. 25 percent fewer errors
  5. Improve decision making time
  6. Training cost are lower
  7. The organization customers benefit because of improved services

These benefits are well tried and tested by different designers such as Fath and Hanneman, Baca and Cassidy (1999) etc.

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