Short note on IC 534 multiplier
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Internally Trimmed Precision IC Multiplier (AD 534)

  • The AD 534 isamonolithic laser trimmed four quadrant multiplier divider. No external trimming is required.

  • AD 534 providesavery high accuracy.Amaximum multiplication error of 0.25%is guaranteed without external trimming

  • It has very good supply rejection, low temperature coefficient and good Tong term stability

  • It provides a fully differential, high impedance oneration on all innuts (including Z-inputs). This improve the flexibility and ease of operatic

  • The scale factor has been pre adjusted to the standard value of 10.00 V, however it is possible to reduce it with the help of an external resistance toa value as low as 3V

  • The AD 534 is the first general purpose multiplier that is capable of providing voltage gains uptox100. So in many applications as external instrumentation amplifier is not needed

  • AD 534 can be used as a variable gain, differential input amplifier withahigh CMRR

  • This multiplier is extremely flexible due to precise calibration and differential Z-input


  • Pre trimmed to+0.25%maximum4quadrant error.
  • A Himputs (2X,Yand Z) diferential
  • High impedance for [(X1–X2) (Y1– Y2)/10 V]+ Z2 transfer function
  • Scale factor adjustable
  • Provides gain upto x100
  • Low noise design
  • Very good long term stability

Applications of AD 534

  • High Quality Analog Processing
  • Differential Ratio and Percentage Computation
  • Algebraic and Trigonometric Function Synthesis
  • Wideband, high Crest RMS to DC Conversion
  • Voltage Controlled Oscillators
  • Voltage Controlled Filters
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