Design a voltage regulator using IC723 to give output voltage of 15v and output current of 1.5A

Subject: Liner Integrated Circuits

Topic: Special Purpose Integrated Circuits

Difficulty: Medium

1 Answer

IC723 as a High Voltage and High Current Regulator

For output voltage of +15V and load current IL=1.5A > 150 mA, an external transistor Q1 is connected, as shown in the Figure below.


Vo = Vref (1 + R1/R2)

for Vo = 15

R1 = 7.87 K

R2 = 7.15 K

Rsc = 0.6V / Ilimit

= 0.6/1.5 = 0.4

2N3054 has dc current gain of 25.

for IC = 1.5A, I B = 60mA.

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