Design voltage regulator for given specification using 78xx & 79xx ICs Vo=+/- 12v

Subject: Liner Integrated Circuits

Topic: Special Purpose Integrated Circuits

Difficulty: Medium

1 Answer

Dual Power Supply

The circuit given here is of a regulated dual power supply that provides +12V and -12V The transformer T1 steps down the AC mains voltage and the bridge rectifier does the job of rectification. Capacitors C1 and C2 does the job of filtering. C3 and C4, are decoupling capacitors. Capacitors C5 and C6 improve the transient response. IC 7812 and 7912 are used for the purpose of voltage regulation in which the former is a positive 12V regulator and later is a negative 12V regulator. The output of 7812 will be +12V and that of 7912 will be -12V.

dual regulator

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