Define the terms: major energy losses and minor energy losses

Subject: Fluid Mechanics 2

Topic: Flow Through Pipes

Difficulty: Low

1 Answer

Major Energy losses: These are the losses which are due to friction and are calculated by 1. Darcy Weisbach formula 2. Chezy's Formula. Minor Energy Losses: major Energy loss

Minor Energy Losses: Piping systems include fittings, valves, bends, elbows, tees, inlets, exits, enlargements, and contractions. These components interrupt the smooth flow of fluid and cause additional losses because of flow separation and mixing. These can be categorized as 1. Head loss due to contraction in pipe 1.1 Sudden Contraction 1.2 Gradual Contraction 2. Entrance loss 3. Head loss due to enlargement of pipe 3.1 Sudden Enlargement 3.2 Gradual Enlargement 4. Exit loss 5. Head loss due to pipe fittings 6. Head loss due to bends and elbows

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