Explain types of psychometric process.
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Psychrometry is an engineering science that deals with the behaviour of moist air.

The basic psychometric processes that are carried out in air conditioning practice are illustrated below.

Psychrometric Chart

  1. Sensible heating (process 1-2): increases the dry bulb temperature of air without change in its specific humidity (moisture content).

  2. Sensible cooling (process 1-3): decreases dry bulb temperature without changing specific humidity.

  3. Humidification (process 1-4): increases the specific humidity without change in temperature.
  4. Dehumidification (process 1-5): decreases the specific humidity without changing temperature.
  5. Heating with humidification (process 1-6): increases both temperature and specific humidity of air.
  6. Cooling with dehumidification (process 1-7): decreases both temperature and specific humidity of air.
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