Explain the application of FEA in various fields.
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Applications of Finite Element Method

1. Mechanical engineering: In mechanical engineering, FEM applications include steady and transient thermal analysis in solids and fluids, stress analysis in solids, automotive design and analysis and manufacturing process simulation.

2. Geotechnical engineering: FEM applications include stress analysis, slope stability analysis, soil structure interactions, seepage of fluids in soils and rocks, analysis of dams, tunnels, bore holes, propagation of stress waves and dynamic soil structure interaction.

3. Aerospace engineering: FEM is used for several purposes such as structural analysis for natural frequencies, modes shapes, response analysis and aerodynamics.

4. Nuclear engineering: FEM applications include steady and dynamic analysis of reactor containment structures, thermo-viscoelastic analysis of reactor components, steady and transient temperature-distribution analysis of reactors and related structures.

5. Electrical and electronics engineering: FEM applications include electrical network analysis, electromagnetics, insulation design analysis in high-voltage equipments, dynamic analysis of motors and heat analysis in electrical and electronic equipments.

6. Metallurgical, chemical engineering: In metallurgical engineering, FEM is used for the metallurgical process simulation, moulding and casting. In chemical engineering, FEM can be used in the simulation of chemical processes, transport processes and chemical reaction simulations.

7. Meteorology and bio-engineering: In the recent times, FEM is used in climate predictions, monsoon prediction and wind predictions. FEM is also used in bio-engineering for the simulation of various human organs, blood circulation prediction and even total synthesis of human body.

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