Explain in detail search engine success factors.
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  • Success of search engine depends upon factors:

    • whether your search engine is capable enough to handle the quires of users or not.
    • The responses provided by search engine are sufficient enough to satisfy the user.

The main factors that decide the ranking of search engine are specified in Periodic Table Of SEO

  1. On the page SEO
  2. Off the page SEO
  3. Violations

Periodic Table of success Factors

All the factors work together with the periodic table. The first letter of each SEO element is derived from the subgroup and the second letter from the individual factor.

One cannot guarantee search engine ranking with a single SEO Factor. Every factor is an important starting from quality content to the HTML title and to authority.

Presence of positive factors result in an increment of the odds of success and negative factors imply worsening these odds.


These factors are under the control of the publisher only. It includes decisions like the content to publish, determining relevancy, or providing important HTML Clues for help in search engines. this group is further divided into three subgroups which are content, HTML and architecture.

E.g. 1. Cq Content Quality Specifies whether web pages of your website contain the quality content or not.

  1. Ac Architecture Crawl Specifies whether the search engine can crawl to your site easily

  2. Ht HTML Title Specifies whether the HTML title contain appropriate keywords in the web pages.


These are in use by search engines because they rely on the fact that signals in control by publisher does not always result in better results, hence off the page ranking factors are not controlled by the publisher. On the page rankings are not sufficient enough to sort through billions of web pages. Other signals are needed as well. This group is further divided into four subgroups which are links, trust, social and personal.

  1. Ta Trust authority specifies whether the links and other factors re enhancing the trusting of website.

  2. Lq Link Quality specifies whether the links provided are from trusted source and of good quality.


The results of search engine improve by the performance of people. Search engine turns as a great help by providing blog posts, guidelines, and videos to encourage the techniques of SEO. Factors are important as well but they gain less importance in comparison with other factors of the chart. Weighting is a combination of search engines, surveys, expertise and relevance.

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