Explain in detail RUI implementation using AJAX with neat diagram.

Subject: Advanced Internet Technology

Topic: RIA and Mashup

Difficulty: Medium

1 Answer

The architecture of RUI using AJAX works in the following steps:

enter image description here

  1. the web browser uses HTTP to send request for a page to the server which responds to the request in a standard manner
  2. at this stage. no mashup content is present when the page is first time loaded by the browser. the browser downloads some JavaScript and the HTML for the page.
  3. the browser issues another request to the server for additional content which is responded by the server in an asynchronous manner.
  4. the server acts as a proxy and is responsible for forwarding requests coming in from the browser to the intended recipients
  5. Amazon receives a SOAP request.
  • As shown in fig. the architecture proceeds in further steps, where amazon responds the request with appropriate data.
  • A REST request is forwarded by the server to Yahoo, which returns the response in an XML format.
  • The web server then performs all the mashing operations, combines the responses and then sendsback to the browser in the standard format.
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