Define and describe mashups. What are the primary reasons for the success of mashups?

Subject: Advanced Internet Technology

Topic: RIA and Mashup

Difficulty: Medium

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Web Mashups

  • Web mashups are used to design applications that run on the internet and combine a users data with the data and services provided by third parties in the form of open Application Programming interfaces(API's)

  • google Maps API is a best mashup example, which is used to create maps for a certain location.

  • Mashups are used to quickly create custom applications, which are created to serve specific purposes and have a short lifespan.

  • mashups are created in a complex ecosystem that integrates data providers, mashup platforms, and users n an interconnected manner.

  • Mashups are based on the principle of using other's work to build and thrive our own applications, and this principle is getting noticed worldwide, especially on the internet.

The reasons for success of mashup:

  1. End users are activated as designers/ developers.
  2. popular API's including Google maps, Twitter, youtube etc.
  3. simplicity of copying helps everyone in reusing existing resources.
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