What is the resource syndication and give its uses.

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  • Syndication

    • A term that refers to a marketing strategy for websites. Web syndication describes an arrangement between two or more Internet companies for one company to provide material to be made available on the other party's site.
    • Web syndication allows the company providing the material to garner additional page views, depth and exposure to their site. The benefits for the site hosting the provided material are fresh new content and additional traffic.

we can make use of syndication by different ways:

1. rel=canonical tag

The site that has republished your content needs to make sure they’ve implemented a rel=canonical tag on their page, which links back to your original content. This will pass all of the PageRank and other Google ranking signals back to your webpage, and will also inform Google that yours is the page that should appear in search results.

2. meta noindex tag

The authority site implements a meta noindex tag on their page and it instructs the search engine to remove the page from the index, thus solving the duplicate content problem.

3. Clean link to original article

You may find that your syndication partner can’t be bothered with the extra coding or still want their version of your article to be indexed in search results. So they’ll just use a clean text link on their page to the same article on your site.

  • The Benefits of Syndicated Content

    1. Distribute your original content to new sites, channels, and networks.

    Sharing your content with others increases your reach and brand awareness. It can also drive traffic back to your owned channels, generate newsletter subscribers, or increase your followers on social media. Make a short list of publishers where you’d love to see your content and begin researching how to contact the editors to establish a syndication partnership.

    2. Fill content gaps.

    If your content team has a knowledge gap or is simply stretched too thin to do more in-depth research, re-publish content from another source that has already put in the time and energy. If you discover an industry expert with a following and collection creative thought pieces, you might be able to join forces to give their content more exposure while simultaneously boosting your credibility.

    3. Become a thought leader in your field.

    Syndicating content from respected brands and personalities will boost your credibility. If authors want to showcase their work on your site, it tells the industry that you are trustworthy and eager to be part of the conversation.

    4.Diversify your content.

    If you don’t have an in-house designer to produce infographics or the resources to animate an informational video, consider syndicating content instead. This will diversify your content library and create more engaging content for your upper and mid-funnel.

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