Explain the structure of a decision support system
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Decision Support System

The system that supports decision is called DSS.

It define as interactive computer based system and subsystem that help people use computer communications,data,documents, knowledge and models to solve problems and make decision.

Characterstics and capabilities of DSS

1.Facilitation: DSS designed to specifically to facilitate decision process

2.It provide support only to mangers

3.Meant for higher level management

4.Interaction: Problems are solved in an ineractive mode between the computer and user

5.Computer as well as judgement

6.Task oriented:it provide specific capabilities that support one or more task related to decision making

7.Repeated use:used routinely

8.Quick response:able to respond quickly to the changing need of decision makers.

9.Technology:Computer and communication tachnology required.

Components of DSS

1.Database: collection of current or historical data from number of applications. It contains data from internal and external source.

2.Model base:Collection of mathematical and analytitical model that can be made available to DSS. Accounting model

3.DSS Softwares: software packages, it contains tools for daya analysis.

4.People Resources:mangers and exicutives and users

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