Write Short notes on: Interconnect scaling.

Subject: Basic VLSI Design

Topic: VLSI Clocking and System Design

Difficulty: Medium

1 Answer
  • As technology is advancing majorly due to device miniaturization, the wire interconnects starts playing a vital role in determining the performance of the system.
  • As the device dimensions are scaled down, so are the dimension of wires scaling down.
  • The minimum width of the wire is scaled by factor s, but the thickness is normally not scaled.
  • Thus the wire capacitance scales down by a factor of 1/s. Also, length could be scaled down by a factor of s.
  • The wire resistance dominates the resistance of the driving logic gate and it increases with each new technology generation.
  • Thus to minimize an increase in global interconnect delay the cross-sectional area of global interconnects is not scaled i.e. W and H are not scaled down for global interconnects.
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