What are the advantages of WLAN?
1 Answer
  1. It's easier to add or move workstations.

  2. Easier to provide connectivity in areas that are difficult to lay cable.

  3. Installation is quick and easy, and can eliminate the need to pull cable through walls / ceiling and wall / ceiling.

  4. Access to the network can be from anywhere within range of the access point. Portable or semi-permanent buildings can be connected using WLAN.

  5. While the initial investment required for Wlan hardware similar to the cost of wired LAN hardware, installation costs can be significantly lower.

  6. When the facility is located on more than one site (like the two sides of the road), directional antennas can be used to avoid digging trenches under roads to connect to the site.

  7. Long-term cost benefits can be found in the dynamic environment that requires the frequency of motion and change.

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