What is meant by Business value of SOA?

Subject: Data Structures

Topic: Service Oriented Architecture

Difficulty: Medium

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What is SOA?

  • It's stands for "Service Oriented Architecture." The goal of SOA is to make it easy for businesses to grow and add new services without having to create them from scratch.

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  • They can be modified as needed, making it very simple and efficient to expand the business. That's a reason many big and small products and services are now offered via the Web, most SOA solutions include Web-based implementations.
  • SOA represents an important stage in the evolution of application development, and integration over the last few decades.

The business value of SOA:

  • Providence helps businesses and government agencies define prudent, immediate steps toward creating a solid business case for SOA.

  • SOA experience with diagnostics, and a road map starter kit to provide IT, and business executives with the practical analysis tools to understand their readiness, and gaps, and then identify SOA initiatives.

  • SOA drives growth by boosting productivity, enhancing performance and eliminating frustrations with information technology.
  • SOA means you can keep your mainframe and leverage existing legacy applications. IT developers can build additional functionality without having to spend thousands rebuilding the entire infrastructure.
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