What are the various losses in transformer
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The various losses in transformer :-

  • Iron Losses in a Transformer - Iron losses mainly occur through the alternating flux within the transformer’s core. Once this loss occurs within the core then it is called core loss. This kind of loss mainly depends on the material’s magnetic properties within the core of the transformer. The core in the transformer can be made with iron, so these are called iron losses. This type of loss can be categorized into two types like hysteresis as well as eddy current.

  • Hysteresis Loss - This kind of loss mainly occurs when the alternating current is applied to the core of the transformer then the magnetic field will be reversed. This loss mainly depends on the core material used in the transformer. To reduce this loss, the high-grade core material can be used. CRGO- Cold rolled grain oriented Si steel can be used commonly like the core of the transformer so that Hysteresis loss can be reduced.

  • Eddy Current Loss - Once the flux is connected to a closed circuit, then an e.m.f can be induced within the circuit and there is a supply in the circuit. The flow of current value mainly depends on the sum of an e.m.f and resistance in the region of the circuit. The core of the transformer can be designed with a conducting material. The flow of current in the emf can be supplied within the body of the material. This flow of current is known as eddy current. This current will occur once the conductor experiences an altering magnetic field. When these currents are not accountable for doing any functional task, then it generates a loss within the magnetic material. So it is called as an Eddy Current Loss. This loss can be reduced by designing the core using slight laminations.

  • Stray Loss - These types of losses in a transformer can be occurred because of the occurrence of the leakage field. As compared with copper and iron losses, the percentage of stray losses are less, so these losses can be neglected.

  • Dielectric Loss - This loss mainly occurs within the oil of the transformer. Here oil is an insulating material. Once the oil in the transformer gets deteriorates otherwise when oil quality diminishes then the transformer’s efficiency will be affected.

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