State various applications of autotransformer.
1 Answer

Various applications of autotransformer are :-

  • Autotransformers are used to compensate for voltage drops in transmission lines. When used for this application, these are known as booster transformers.

  • Autotransformers are used to obtain a variable supply.

  • It is also used as a reduced voltage starter for the Induction motor.

  • They offer variable voltage control in the laboratory setup: as we move the sliding contact, virtually all of the coil can become the series coil. Therefore, the entire coil must be sized for maximum current.

  • They are generally used to connect transmission lines of slightly different voltages ( e.g., 115 kV and 138 kV or 138 kV and 161 kV)

  • They are used to adjust the transformer output voltage in order to keep the system voltage constant with varying load.

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