Define nominal ratio.
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The process of applying numbers to objects according to a set of rules.

Four 'scales' of measurement

  1. Nominal
  2. Ordinal
  3. Interval
  4. Ratio


  • "Nominal" stands for "Name" of category
  • Numbers are used simply as labels for groups or classes
  • It is used for qualitative rather than quantitative data
  • Nominal scale is the least powerful level of measurement
  • Nominal scales provide convenient ways of keeping track of people, objects, and events.
  • One cannot do much with the numbers involved.
  • Numbers on the t-shirts of team players
  • One cannot usefully average the numbers on the back of a group of players and come up with a meaningful value.
  • The counting of members in each group is the only possible arithmetic operation when a nominal scale is employed
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