Define footprint with respect to satellite system. Draw and explain how communication within footprint happens?
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Satellite Communication System

1 A Satellite communication is a technology that is used to transfer the signals from the transmitter to a receiver with the help of satellites. It can be used in different mobile applications that involve communication with the ships, vehicles and radio broadcasting services. The power and bandwidth of these satellites depend on the specifications like complexity, size and cost.

Applications (Traditionally) 1. weather satellites 2. radio and TV broadcast satellites 3. military satellites 4. satellites for navigation and localization (e.g., GPS)

Application (Telecommunication) 1. global telephone connections 2. backbone for global networks 3. connections for communication in remote places or underdeveloped areas 4. global mobile communication 5. Satellite systems to extend cellular phone systems (e.g., GSM or AMPS).

![Global Mobile Communication

  1. Each Satellite covers a certain area on earth this area is called as its footprints
  2. Within the footprint, communication with Satellite is possible via Mobile user link (MUL).
  3. For the base station controlling the satellite and act as a gateway to other network or footprints via Gateway link(GWL).
  4. Satellite can either communicate via the gateway or they can use Inter Satellite link (ISL).
  5. ISL reduce the latency for data packet and voice data. Because ISL save extra link that are arrive on the earth from Satellite.
  6. GMC provide a smooth, seamless handover between a cellular network and Satellite system.][1]
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