Write short notes on IMT 2000

Subject: Mobile Communication and Computing

Topic: Third and Fourth Generation Systems

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IMT 2000

  1. IMT-2000 Stands for International Mobile Telecommunications-2000.
  2. An initiative of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to create a global standard for wireless data networks.
  3. The goal of International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) is to support data transmission rates of up to 2 Mbps for fixed stations and 384 Kbps for mobile stations.
  4. Note that the “2000” in the term “International Mobile Telecommunications-2000” refers to the transmission speed (approximately 2000 Kbps), not the deployment date (which might be several years beyond the year 2000).
  5. The European proposal for IMT-2000 prepared by ETSI is called as Universal Mobile Telecommunication System(UMTS)


  1. It is used for all radio environments.
  2. It supports both packet switched and circuit switched data transmission.
  3. It offers high spectrum efficiency.
  4. It support wide range of telecommunication services like voice , data, multimedia and internet.

IMT 2000 Architecture:

  1. Figure shows the IMT 2000 Architecture.
  2. The ITU standardize 5 group of 3G for radio access technology.


  1. It is used the direct spread technology.
  2. It is also called Wideband CDMA.
  3. It is part of Third Generation Partnership Project(3GPP)


  1. It uses Time Code Technology.
  2. It further divided into 2 standards TDD and TD-SCDMA.


  1. It uses Multi Carrier Technology.
  2. CDMA is multi carrier technology and it is part of 3GPP2.


  1. It uses Single Carrier Technology.
  2. It is enhancement of US TDMA System.


  1. It uses Frequency Time Technology.
  2. It is enhancement version of the digital cordless telephone standardsDECT.

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