Explain in detail 4G architecture

Subject: Mobile Communication and Computing

Topic: Third and Fourth Generation Systems

Difficulty: High

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4G Architecture

  1. 4G stands for fourth generation cellular system.
  2. 4G is evaluation of 3G to meet the forecasted rising demand.
  3. It is an integration of various technologies including GSM,CDMA,GPRS,IMT-2000 ,Wireless LAN.
  4. Data rate in 4G system will range from 20 to 100 Mbps.


  1. Fully IP based Mobile System.
  2. It supports interactive multimedia, voice, streaming video, internet and other broadband service.
  3. It has better spectrum efficiency.
  4. It supports Ad-hoc and multi hop network.

4 G Architecture

  1. Figure shows Generic Mobile Communication architecture.
  2. 4 G network is an integration of all heterogeneous wireless access networks such as Ad-hoc, cellular, hotspot and satellite radio component.
  3. Technologies used in 4 G are smart antennas for multiple input and multiple output (MIMO), IPv6, VoIP, OFDM and Software defined radio (SDR) System.

Smart Antennas:

  1. Smart Antennas are Transmitting and receiving antennas.
  2. It does not require increase power and additional frequency.

IPV6 Technology:

  1. 4G uses IPV6 Technology in order to support a large number of wireless enable devices.
  2. It enables a number of application with better multicast, security and route optimization capabilities.


  1. It stands for Voice over IP.
  2. It allows only packet to be transferred eliminating complexity of 2 protocols over the same circuit.


  1. OFDM stands for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing.
  2. It is currently used as WiMax and WiFi.


  1. SDR stands for Software Defined Radio.
  2. It is the form of open wireless architecture.


  1. It provides better spectral efficiency.
  2. It has high speed, high capacity and low cost per bit.


  1. Battery usage is more.
  2. Hard to implement.

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MME- Mobility Management Entity

It is used for Paging ,Authentication, Handover and Selection of Serving Gateway

SGW- Serving gateway

It is used to Routing and Forwarding user data packet.

PDN-GW Packet Data Network Gateway

It is used for user equipment (UE) IP allocation

HSS -Home Subscriber Server

It is a user Database used for service subscriber, user identification and addressing

PCRF -Policy and Charging Rule Function

It provide quality of service and charging

eNode B-evolved Node B

It is used as radio resources management and radio bearer control

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