Differentiate between SCR and IGBT.
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Basic Three terminal devices :- Anode, Cathode, Gate Three terminal device :- Collector, Emitter, Gate. It is advantage combination of BJT and MOSFET.
Definition SCR stands for Silicon Controlled Rectifier. IGBT stands for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor.
Current Conduction Capability Yes, Uni-Directional current Device Yes, Uni-Directional current Device
Voltage Withstand Ability Yes, but Bipolar voltage withstanding device. Yes, Unipolar voltage withstanding device acquired from BJT and MOSFET.
Turn ON and Turn OFF Applying signal at gate terminalbut can’t be turned off using same gate signal. Both ON and OFF can be possible using gate signals.
Controllable Nature Partially controllable. Fully controllable.
Gate Signal Requirement Pulse voltage is applied as control signal to turn ON then, no need of gate pulse. Continuous gate signal is required to control the device.
Switching Loss High loss because of low switching frequency. Low switching loss than SCR but high switching loss than MOSFET.
Conduction Loss Low Conduction Loss Low Conduction Loss
Switching Speed Low Medium
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