Write an assembly language program to print Fibonacci series upto N terms. (N is given)

Subject: Computer Organization and Architecture

Topic: Module 2

Difficulty: High

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.MODEL SMALL .DATA FIB DB ? MSG DB 10d,13d,"ENTER HOW MANY FIB YOU WANT : $" .CODE MOV AX,@DATA MOV DS,AX LEA SI,FIB LEA DX,MSG ; To print message on screen MOV AH,09H INT 21H MOV AH,01H ; To read value from keyboard INT 21H SUB AL,30H
MOV CL,AL ; Load the count value in CL for looping MOV AX,00H ; Starting of series 1st number MOV BX,01H ; Starting of series 2nd number MOV [SI],AX INC SI MOV [SI],BX INC SI SUB CL,02H ;Fibonacci Part L1:ADD AX,BX
; obtain 1st fib number from default numbers DAA
; Used to Present the value in Decimal Form MOV [SI],AX
; move 1st fib number to FIB array
MOV AX,BX ; then ax=bx, bx=res[si] MOV BX,[SI] INC SI LOOP L1 INT 3H END

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