Write short notes: Guidelines for color selection for web page.
1 Answer

i. Color is chosen to organize information or data on a screen. Color itself must aid the transfer of information from the display to the users.

ii. Use colors conservatively

iii. Do not use color where other identification techniques such as location are available.

iv. Use color that highly contrasts with the background color.

v. For text use black on light color background of low intensity.

vi. Use color that does not compete with foreground.

vii. For fine discrimination use a black gray white scale.

viii. Colors can change as light levels change.

ix. Never rely on color as the only way of identifying a screen element.

x. Use color to increase screen appeal.

xi. Use color as visual code to identify screen caption and data, even status of information.

xii. Use color to assist in formatting such as highlighting or calling attention to important information.

xiii. Always consider how spatial formatting highlighting and messages may also be useful.

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