Write Short notes on: 4*4 Barrel Shifter. (Improvise)

Subject :- VLSI Design

Topic :- MOS Circuit Design Styles

Difficulty :- Low

1 Answer
  • A barrel shifter is a digital circuit that can shift a data word by a specified number of bits without the use of any sequential logic, only pure combinatorial logic. One way to implement it is as a sequence of multiplexers where the output of one multiplexer is connected to the input of the next multiplexer in a way that depends on the shift distance. A barrel shifter is often used to shift and rotate n-bits in modern microprocessors, typically within a single clock cycle.

  • For example, take a four-bit barrel shifter, with inputs A, B, C and D. The shifter can cycle the order of the bits ABCD as DABC, CDAB, or BCDA; in this case, no bits are lost. That is, it can shift all of the outputs up to three positions to the right (and thus make any cyclic combination of A, B, C and D). The barrel shifter has a variety of applications, including being a useful component in microprocessors (alongside the ALU).

  • A barrel shifter is often implemented as a cascade of parallel 2×1 multiplexers.

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