What is a Website and why is it necessary?
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What is a Website ?

  • A collection of web pages and media over the internet is called a website.
  • The websites start with a home page, which is followed by some navigation page that is linked by the Hyperlinking between the web pages.
  • The website can be published on at least one web server and can be identified by a common domain name.
  • For example - ques10.com, google.com, youtube.com.
  • All the websites that are accessible publicly come under the World Wide Web (www).
  • Most of the websites are dedicated to a particular topic or purpose, for example, education, news, commerce, entertainment, or Social networking.
  • Website further categorized as Static Website and Dynamic Website.

    • Static Websites - As the name suggests, is a website in which pages do not change or remain the same.
    • Dynamic Website - As the name suggests, it is a collection of dynamic web pages whose content changes dynamically.

Why Website is Necessary ?

24/7 availability -

  • To keep your products available for sale around the clock through a website.
  • Customers can buy anytime, and thus beneficial than a traditional storefront.

Customer Friendly -

  • It improves the shopping experience of customers, they can buy products from the comfort of their home.

Educate customers -

  • It can educate people by providing various informative things.

Cost-effective -

  • The marketing of products and services through a website is less costly than print advertising, TV, and radio advertising.

Broder Demographic Reach -

  • A website can help businesses reach people with diverse backgrounds throughout the world.

Develop customer rapport-

  • Online presence helps to create and maintain a rapport among customers.

Business Credibility -

  • Having a website that is user-friendly and professional looking for your business makes people consider your business more credible than others who don't have a website to represent their businesses online.
  • This Creates a Brand Image for business.

Location Flexibility -

  • Move business to another location without affecting sales and customers can be possible because the customer still finds a business through the website.

Provide Career Opportunities -

  • Job openings for vacant positions can be posted on the website and allow applicants to check job descriptions and apply online.

Personalized e-mail Address -

  • It allows you to set up personalized email addresses for employees, companies, partners, etc.

Showcase Your Work -

  • Anyone can put their work on display when they have a website.
  • This helps to attract potential clients.
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