Write short notes on UWB Technology.
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The use of ultra wideband (UWB) (see Figure 1) offers tremendous capacity potential over short ranges less than 10m at low radiated power.

UWB bandwidth is defined as the frequency band bounded by the points that are 10 dB below the highest radiated emission .

The growing demand for higher quality multimedia services and faster content delivery is driving for higher data rates in communication networks.

UWB communication devices to operate in an unlicensed spectrum from 3.1 to 10.6 GHz.

The low emission limits for UWB ensure that UWB devices do not cause harmful interference to licensed services and other important radio operations.

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  1. UWB communication devices operate in an unlicensed spectrum from 3.1 to 10.6 GHz.
  2. Ethernet standard used is IEEE 802.15.3 ( high data rate).
  3. High data rate of 110 Mbps at 10 m, 200 Mbps at 4 m, and 480 Mbps at 2 m .
  4. The standard enables a broad range of applications including the wireless transmission of images and video.
  5. Low-power consumption and low-cost devices.
  6. Multiband approach uses 528 MHz channels.
  7. Power consumption - 100 mW and 250 mW.
  8. For Multiband , Number of bands = 10 ( optional)( Group A ,B,C, D).
  9. Frequency range

    Group A: 3.168–4.752 GHz
    Group B: 4.752–6.072 GHz
    Group C: 6.072–8.184 GHz
    Group D 8.184–10.296 GHz

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