Explain System on Chip and System in Package
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SOC and System in package

(i) System on chip:

  • SOC is an IC that integrated all the components of computer or other electronic systems into a single chip.

  • It may contain digital, analog and mixed signal and often radio frequency functions all on one chip.

  • SOcs are more common in mobile computing market because of their low power consumption.

  • A typical application- Embedded system

  • For eg, microprocessor typically have under 100kB of RAM and often really have single chip system.

  • Whereas, the term SOC is typically used for more powerful processors such as smartphones.

(ii) SIP :

  • When it is not possible to construct a SOC for a particular application, an alternative is system in package.

  • SIP comprises of no. of chips in a single package. Eg- a SIP can contain several chip such as specialized processor, DRAM, flash memory combined with passive components like resistors and caps, all mounted on some substrate.

  • This means that a complete functional unit can be built in a multi chip package.

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