Describe the Different type of attributes one may come across in a data mining data set with two example
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Data Mining Attribute Types:

There are different types of attributes

  1. Nominal. Examples: ID numbers, eye color, zip codes
  2. Ordinal. Examples: rankings (e.g., taste of potato chips on a scale from 1-10), grades, height in {tall, medium, short}
  3. Interval. Examples: calendar dates, temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  4. Ratio. Examples: temperature in Kelvin, length, time, counts

1. Nominal: The values of a nominal attribute are just different names, i.e., nominal attributes provide only enough information to distinguish one object from another. (=, ≠). Example: zip codes, employee ID numbers, eye color,sex: {male, female}

2. Ordinal: The values of an ordinal attribute provide enough information to order objects. (<, >) Example: hardness of minerals,{good, better, best},grades, street numbers

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