Human errors in HMI

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Human Errors

• The error is any action that violates system, tolerance or some limit of system.

• Some user action may leads to error in one system but, May not leads to error in other system.

• The Human machine interface can be unsuccessful due to wrong user intervention and human errors.

• Human error is not limited only to system user.

• The user’s behavioral patterns may lead to some incorrect activities.

Human Errors

a. Error of exclusion

The action performed is not required to perform. b. Error of instruction

The action that should not be performed is actually performed.


The faulty product is passed by quality management team whereas it should not be rejected by him.

c. Extraneous Act

The action performed is to prevent the system goals.


Using Mobile phone to locate unknown place d. Sequential Error

The action performed is not done in a proper sequence. Example, First put car in first gear and then start the car. e. Time Error

The action performed is too much early then the permitted time of action. Parking a car after the parking time limit exceeds.

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