Question: What is HCI? Define the user interface and state the importance and benefits of good design.

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• Human-computer interaction (HCI) is the study, planning and design of how people and computers work together so that a person’s needs are satisfied in the most effective way.

• The user interface is the part of a computer and its software that people can see, hear, touch, talk to or otherwise understand or direct.

• The importance of good design is as follows:

  1. Window to view the capabilities of the system.
  2. One of the few visible components of product the developers create.
  3. Vehicle through which many critical tasks are presented.
  4. Has direct impact on an organization’s relation with its customers and its profitability.
  5. People will have greater difficulty in doing their jobs and will make more mistakes if design is confusing and inefficient.
  6. Poor design may even chase some people away from the system permanently.
  7. It can also lead to aggravation, frustration and increased stress.

• The benefits of good design is as follows:

  1. Training costs are lowered because training time is reduced.
  2. Support line costs are lowered because fewer assist calls are necessary.
  3. Employee satisfaction is increased because aggravation and frustration are reduced.
  4. Organization’s customers benefit because of the improved service they receive.
  5. Transactions are completed in less time and with fewer errors.
  6. Reduced decision making time.
  7. Positive effect on performance.
  8. Able to locate the desired information easily.
  9. Economic benefits.
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