Give the types of embedded systems.

Subject : Embedded Systems Design

Topic : Fundamentals of Embedded Systems

Difficulty level : Low

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  • Based on the level of complexity they can be classified as-

    1. Small scale embedded system- They have limited and simple hardware interface. They can run single application at a time. They have low complexity and no RTOS.

    2. Medium scale embedded system- It has moderate number of hardware interface. It can run single primary application with multiple procedures/ ISRs. It has medium complexity and no RTOS.

    3. Sophisticated embedded system- It has high level or large number of hardware interfaces. It has fully multitasking environment. It has high complexity and RTOS is present.

  • Based on time response: Systems having specific/ finite time response and time deadlines are called as real time embedded systems.

  1. Soft real time embedded system- The deadlines are met statistical. Example, LCD or LED television.

  2. Hard real time embedded system- The deadlines are met hard on at each and every instance. Example; Nuclear reactor control system.

  • Based on functional requirements:
  1. Standalone embedded system- It does not require host computer. It can work by itself. Example; mP3 players, digital cameras, video game consoles, ovens, etc.
  2. Real time embedded system- It gives output in particular time.
  3. Networked embedded system- These systems are related to a network to access resources. Example, LAN network embedded system for home security.
  4. Mobile Embedded system- It is present in portable cell phones, mobiles, digital cameras, etc.
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