Differentiate between DSP and ASP/ GPP.

Subject : Embedded Systems Design

Topic : Fundamentals of Embedded Systems

Difficulty level : Medium

1 Answer
It uses a modified Harvard architecture with 2-3 memory buses. It uses a Von-neumann architecture.
It is used for fast real time applications. It is used for low speed application.
It can access multiple data per cycle simultaneously. It can only access single data per cycle at a time.
It has specialized addressing modes like auto increment and auto decrement, circular buffer, bit reversal, etc. It has general purpose addressing modes like auto increment and auto decrement.
It has large (64-bit) accumulators. It has maximum 32-bit accumulators.
DSPs often don’t have a flash program memory. They need the software to be loaded into them. GPP have non-power off EPROM inside, some with store capabilities.
DSP is preferred for faster for integer mathematic operations and floating point operations. GPP do not have hardware and operations have to be done in software.
It is designed to perform intensive digital signal processing tasks. It is used in control-oriented applications.
It is large, more expensive and more specialized. It is inexpensive, small and flexible.
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