What is Digital Signal Controller?

Subject : Embedded Systems Design

Topic : Fundamentals of Embedded Systems

Difficulty level : Low

1 Answer
  1. It is a single chip microcomputer with a Digital Signal Processing as core unit. These microcontrollers have limited processing power.

  2. It is a hybrid of microcontroller and DSPs.

  3. The computing power of DSP is combined with memory and peripherals in one single device.

  4. DSC can execute only simple control algorithms.

  5. It is used for high end applications.

  6. They do not have control capabilities of microcontrollers.

  7. Like DSP, DSC has single cycle multiply and accumulate mac instructions, barrel shifters and large accumulators.

  8. DSCs have fast interrupt responses.

  9. Main applications of DSCs are in motor control, power conservation and sensor processing applications.

  10. Example of DSC- 56800 DSC by Motorola.

  11. Features of DSC:

  • Hardware to perform MAC operations.
  • Ability to access multiple memory locations simultaneously.
  • Ability to form addresses and fetch operands without having bottleneck.
  • Includes many on chip peripherals.
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