Write a note on Parallel Interface bus.

Subject : Embedded Systems Design

Topic : Embedded Serial Communication

Difficulty level : Medium

1 Answer
  • It is used for communicating with peripheral devices which are memory mapped to host of the system.
  • Host has a parallel bus and control over read/ write.
  • Communication through parallel bus is controlled by control signal interface between host and device.
  • Control Signals are read or write signals and device select signals.
  • Device becomes active by selecting host processor.
  • Direction of data transfer are controlled through control signal lines for ‘read’ and ‘write’.
  • An address decoder circuit is used for generating chip select signal for the device.
  • When the address selected is in the range, chip select line is activated by decoder circuit.
  • If device wants to start communication, it can inform the same to processor through interrupts.
  • Parallel data communication offers highest speed for data transfer. Parallel Bus Interface
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