Define the three cortex families.

Subject : Embedded Systems Design

Topic : Embedded Hardware and Design

Difficulty level : Low

1 Answer

i) Cortex A:

  • Cortex A is a computer family, the application processors.
  • They are designed as fully functional computers, capable of running complex operating systems directly.
  • They are used in mobile telephones, tablets and laptops.

ii) Cortex R:

  • The cortex R is the fast reacting family, the Real-time processor series.
  • They are more reactive to external stimuli.
  • They adapt better to demanding situations having lower interrupt latency and deterministic real-time response, and are used in critical systems where data interpretation is essential.
  • They are found in medical devices, car systems and low-level controllers.

iii) Cortex M:

  • It is an ultra-low-powered, small form factor family, the microcontroller series.
  • It operates at a lower performance point than cortex A or cortex R series. It runs well over 100 MHz.
  • It is usually built into microcontrollers with multiple input and output lines and is designed for small factor systems that rely on heavy digital input and output.
  • It is mainly found in robotic systems and small consumer electronics.
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