Write a note on Black Box testing.

Subject : Embedded Systems Design

Topic : Simulation, Testing and Debugging Methodology and Tools

Difficulty level : Medium

1 Answer
  • It is also called as functional testing which looks at the system from a requirement’s point of view.
  • It checks to see if system is able to satisfy all requirements expected out of it.
  • There is no focus on code coverage.
  • It is independent of the way the system has been designed and implemented.
  • Black box testing and development teams perform their jobs independent of each other.
  • Functional testing looks at the system from requirement point of view, it is best suited for testing non-functional requirements.
  • It also finds problems that are not detectable by regression testing or code based testing.
  • If the specification for the software good, are the specification changes rapidly, black box testing nice to keep pace with it limiting its effectiveness.
  • It will not perform the analysis of code coverage.

    Black Box Testing

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