Write a note on Prototyping/ Evolutionary Model.

Subject : Embedded Systems Design

Topic :Embedded Hadware and Design

Difficulty level : Medium

1 Answer
  1. Here, product is developed in multiple cycles. It produces refined prototype of the product at the end of each cycle.

  2. There is no commercial deployment at each cycle’s end.

  3. After requirement analysis, design for first prototype is made, development is started.

  4. On finishing the prototype, it is sent to customer for evaluation. The customer evaluates and gives the feedback to developer in terms of shortcomings and improvements needed.

  5. The developer refines the product according to customer’s expectation and repeats prototype development process.

  6. After multiple iterations product is delivered to the customers and launched.

Advantages –

  • Easy to incorporate new requirements and technology changes.
  • Fine tuning of final requirements is possible.
  • Risk is under control.

Drawbacks –

  • Deviation from expected cost and schedule due to requirement refinement.
  • Increased project management.
  • Minimal documentation on each prototype may create problem in backward prototype traceability.
  • Increased configuration management activities.

............Prototyping / Evolutionary model

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