Question Paper: System Software Question Paper - December 2015 - Computer Science (Semester 5) - Visveswaraya Technological University (VTU)

System Software - December 2015

VTU Computer Science (Semester 5)

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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary
1 (a) Different between system software and application software. 4 marks

1 (b) Explain the instruction formats and addressing modes of SIC/XE machine architecture. 4 marks

1 (c) Write an ALP in SIC/XE to add two arrays of 100 words. 4 marks

2 (a) Explain the different data structures used in designing SIC assembler. 4 marks

2 (b) Discuss pass 2 algorithm of two pass assembler. 4 marks

2 (b) What is program relocation? Explain the problems associated with it and their solutions. 4 marks

3 (a) Explain load and go assembler with an example. 4 marks

3 (b) Explain multipass assembler. 4 marks

3 (c) Give the format for define and refer records. 4 marks

4 (a) With is a loader? Develop an algorithm for a bootstrap loader. 4 marks

4 (b) What is dynamic loading? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Explain with a neat diagram loading and calling of a subroutine using dynamic linking. 4 marks

5 (a) With a neat diagram, explain the structure of a text editor. 4 marks

5 (b) Explain the features of interactive debugging system. 4 marks

6 (a) Explain any three machine independent macro processor features. 4 marks

6 (b) Write an algorithm for a one pass macro processor. 4 marks

7 (a) What is regular expression? Briefly explain all the characters that form regular expression. 4 marks

7 (b) Write a LEX program to count the number of characters, words spaces and lines in a given input. 4 marks

8 (a) Write a YACC program to evaluate an arithmetic expression involving operators +, -, *, /. 4 marks

8 (b) Explain shift reduce parsing with an example. 4 marks

8 (c) Define the following terms: i) yytext, ii) yylval, iii) yylex, iv) yyparse. 4 marks

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