Explain 3 tier architecture of web application
1 Answer
  • In 3 tier architecture, there are 3 components: Client PC, An Application server and A Database Server.

  • The work of server is distributed among application server and database server.

  • Application server has the required communication functions.

  • The data required by the business logic exists in database server.

  • The required data is returned to public servers and then to client PC.

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               Figure 1.1: 3 tier architecture


  • Improved Data Integrity

  • High Degree of Flexibility in deployment platform and configurations

  • Improved security

  • High Performance and persistent objects

  • Architecture is scalable, adding users and resources in future would be easy

  • Maintenance and modifications can be done effectively

  • Code and data reusability can be achieved


  • 3 tier architecture is complex compared to 1 tier and 2 tier

  • Cost of network maintenance and deployment is greater than 1 tier and 2 tier

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