Explain issues in web designing.
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Website Design Issues

While creating website some major issues of website designing must be taken into consideration, such as

Planning a website:

Planning plays an important role in the successful completion of any work. Creation of website takes time and resources, so plan must proceeds sequentially and properly. This plan contain the following things

  • Defining the purpose of website
  • Knowing the audience of website
  • Organizing contents of website
  • Publishing of website

Defining the Purpose of Website

This step stats by defining the goals and objectives of website. Goals are the outcomes that designer want from website to achieve in particular time period. Objectives are the methods that are used to achieve the goals of the website.

Knowing the Audience of Website

Audience refers to the site visitors or customers who visit site for the purpose of viewing the products, information or buying them. Therefor assessment of audience according to their demands, requirements and expectations is very important thing. So content of website must satisfy the needs and expectations of customer or audience.

Organizing Contents of Website

Website is made of multiple web pages that may be a combination of text, images, audio, video, animations and other multimedia elements. Generally a website has a home page and other more pages. When a visitor visits a website, the home page appears first. The contents of website should be arranged in a logical manners means from home page to end page. The information on web page must flow from basic to more detailed contain.

Publishing of Website

Publishing a website is nothing but making it available on Internet for everyone. To do this following thing need to perform

  • Domain registration and hosting – Register a domain name from the concerned authority and purchase a certain amount of hosting space having some bandwidth.
  • Upload website on server – A website can be uploaded on a remote server either by using an FTP Program or using a hosting control panel.
  • Viewing website – Check website in different browsers and on different screens. If it is displayed properly on each platform, then only consider website is working properly.
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