What is process of Chromizing.
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  1. Chromizing is a type of metallurgical process that involves diffusion of a single or several elements within a base material.
  2. The process is mainly composed of saturating through diffusion of predominantly steel or ferrous alloys with chromium.
  3. It is performed to prolong the lifespan of components and tools that are often exposed to corrosion and wear, like in cases of gas corrosion at temperatures higher than 900°C.
  4. Chromizing is also reliable in providing resistance to sulfidation and oxidation attacks. In fact, it exceeds many other available protection methods.
  5. A surface rich in chromium is highly immune to many issues that afflict other forms of protective systems, like spailing and debailing as seen in many coating forms.
  6. A chrome layer is non-porous and prone to flaking as well as thermal fatigue.
  7. The impressive qualities of chromium are achieved through the metallurgical bond that exists between substrates metal and diffused chromium.
  8. This gives the best protection despite mechanical, electrochemical and chemical impact.
  9. Having this process coating applied will yield the best corrosion and wear protection to various components.
  10. There are two types of chromizing:
  • Anti-corrosion chromizing
  • Surface hardening.
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