Enlist the advantages and disadvantages of plane table surveying?
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  • It is the most rapid method of survey.
  • There is no need for a field book as plotting is done along with the field work. So the problem of mistake in booking field notes does not arise.
  • Plotted work can be compared with actual object regardless of whether or not they are properly represented.
  • There is no possibility of overlooking an important object.
  • There is no possibility of overlooking any measurement as plotting is done in the field.
  • The irregular object may be representing actually.
  • It is suitable in a magnetic area.
  • The map can be prepared easily and does not require any great skill.
  • Error in measurement and plotting can be detected by check line.
  • Inaccessible point can be easily located by intersection.


  • The plane table is not suitable for accurate work as the fitting arrangement is not perfect.
  • Plane table surveying is not suitable in wet climate in the rainy season, on a foggy morning and windy weather.
  • The number of accessories required in such survey is large and they are likely to be lost .
  • The instrument is very heavy and difficult to carry.
  • The map cannot be replotted to a different scale as there is no field book.
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