Difference between stadia system and tangential system of tachometry
1 Answer
Sr.no Stadia system Tangential system
1 In stadia system fixed hair method and movable hair method are used to find out horizontal distance. In tangential system various cases are being used to find out the horizontal distance.
2 In stadia system a telescope is fitted with stadia hair in movable hair method. In tangential system a telescope is not fitted with stadia diaphragm.
3 Two vane or targets are fixed at a known distance apart a normally 3m. Two target are fixed distance apart is probably 3m to 4m.
4 In stadia system there is more speed and readings are easily be taken. In tangential system there is less speed and reading are not easily be taken.
5 Stadia method with the staff being held vertically is in common use in tachometry. Tangential method or system is not in common use.
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