Write applications and limitations of Gibbs phase rule
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1) It is capable to physical as well as chemical phase reaction.

2)It is convenient method of classifying equilibrium states in terms of phases, components & degree of freedom.

3) It is applicable to microscopic system.

4) It indicates that different systems with same degree of freedom behave similarly.

5) It helps us to predict the behavior of a system under different sets of variables.

$\underline{LIMITATIONS \ \ OF \ PHASE \ RULES}$:-

1) Phase rule can be applied for a system in equilibrium only.

2) It is not of much help in case of system which attain the equilibrium state very slowly.

3) It is applicable to only single equilibrium state. It doesn't indicate the other possible equilibrium in the system.

4)It conditions that all phase of the system must be present simultaneously, under the identical conditions of temperature & pressure.

5) It conditions that solid and liquid phases must not be in finally divided state, otherwise deviations occurs.

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